Jay Leopardi to produce new television series, Common Denominator

My client and long term friend, Jay Leopardi continues to build a remarkable brand.  Not only is Jay working the THE Shark, Daymond John on several projects, but he just landed a tr emendous opportunity in the world of entertainment.  Jay has agreed to produce a series of interviews with various bu siness leaders to take his viewers on a journey to discovery what makes the highest achievers and the greatest business people succeed.  Readers of Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich will recognize the familiar plot.  Jay’s series will be called Common Denominator and is slated to air on PunchTV this fall.

“I met Jay Leopardi on the set of Sony Studios in Los Angeles. It was instantly clear that Jay has the “it” factor, or shall I say Hit factor. The guy has a personality mix of Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and is Robert Downey Jr’s doppelganger,” said Steven Samblis, Chairman of IC Places, Inc, who recently acquired PunchTV.. “As we talked outside the sound stage, studio tours where stopping and taking pictures of Jay obviously thinking he was Robert. As we talked about what Jay does in the arena of branding and his magnitude of experience, I knew something was there.”

Following is a YouTube video of a similar interview with Daymond: