Practice Areas

Blockchain, Tech Startups & Video Games

We think outside the box, advising and consulting with new ventures and startups in media, technology, and business.

In detail…

With our passion for the creative, Shrum Disney & Associates is the perfect choice to help with your new venture in the following areas:

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) and other blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies
  • Parsing the impact of Artificial Intelligence on intellectual property
  • Video Game Law; design, development, marketing, merchandising, music & distribution
  • Determining the valuation for and assisting tech startups
  • Drafting term sheets for venture capital and angel financing
  • Application of intellectual property laws to digital ventures
  • Developing the proper contractual and employment documentation & systems
  • Protection of branding, copyright, trademark & patent

Our team of lawyers have worked with tech startups, developers on the cutting edge of technology for over 30 years, with solid expertise in the application of current law to these burgeoning digital technologies.

One of our founders, Mr. Shrum, was given the “Annual Mentor Appreciation Award” by the class of 2017 at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

We keep abreast of new technologies and application of the law, frequently advising technology clients on these matters.