Practice Areas

Copyright, Trademark & Patents

Registration, management and protection of all forms of intellectual property.

In detail…

Shrum Disney & Associates has made its clients millions of dollars by structuring deals, prosecuting infringement actions and negotiating and closing contracts.  We provide the following specific services:

  • Trademark prosecution – securing your rights in a trademark
  • Trademark clearances
  • Copyright registrations
  • Copyright clearances for publication
  • Patent prosecutions
  • Responding to office actions and appealing denied applications
  • Filing and defending trademark applications and cancellations
  • Cease & Desists letters
  • DMCA Takedown Notices and Defense

At Shrum Disney & Associates, we are dedicated to defending the Constitutional right of every individual to…

  • the exclusive use of their creations and inventions;
  • their rights to exploit their creations and inventions without fear that someone else will steal their ideas;
  • the exclusivity of a business’ logo and brand, or a person’s name, likeness, and other idiosyncratic indicia of their identity.

The intellectual properties of copyright, trademark and patent are our passion at Shrum Disney & Associates.  As Mr. Shrum put it in his seminal textbook on entertainment law & licensing:

“the pursuit of happiness through the creation of intellectual property is the very foundation of the entertainment industry, and benefits society by injecting ideas into the zeitgeist.  That is the essential purpose of copyright law”

–Barry Neil Shrum, Defending the Noble Arts:  A legal guide to licensing, protecting & monetizing intellectual properties.

We can help you protect your intellectual property.