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We are specialists in entertainment law, with experience in celebrity, music, film, television, sports, photograph, dances & the arts.

In detail…

The rights of a celebrity to license their persona – their name, likeness, image, signature and other attributes – is based on the legal concept of a person’s “rights of publicity.”  The right of publicity is the personal right of any individual to control the commercial use of his or her name, likeness, or other unequivocal aspects of their identity.

Barry Shrum, Counting Stars:  Celebrity Licensing & Endorsements

The attorneys at Shrum Disney & Associates have represented celebrities in all media, including book publishing, music, film, television, animation and cartoons, cable, sports, photography, dances, sculpture & the arts.

The firm has negotiated and closed hundreds of transactions involving celebrity and entertainment issues, such as:

  • Life Rights Agreements;
  • Film production deals;
  • Film Financing Transaction;
  • Book option agreements;
  • Book publishing deals;
  • Television and film appearances.

We are the “dealmakers.”